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Alhambra RV Park Frequently asked questions and answers

How do I get to the park?

Alhambra RV Park is located right in the center of the Last Best Place, 10 miles south of Helena off of Interstate I-15.  Take exit 182 and turn east to the frontage road (Highway 282).  Turn right and head south about a mile until you see the campground on your right side.

Do you have showers or laundry facilities?

Brand new for 2019 we now have shower and laundry facilities!  Located in the back of the clubhouse access is via a unique access code assigned to you at check in if you opt for these services.  
There are also several free privy style bathrooms at the campground open to customers.  The code for the door is in your copy of the rules provided at check-in.

What is there to do around the campground?

Visit our
Area Attractions page for information on local restaurants, hiking trails, and other activities.

Are you open all year?

Generally speaking no, we shut down when temperatures regularly fall below freezing in the autumn, but do have a limited number of spots we will occasionally allow campers to rent through the winter if they are properly prepared for a Montana winter.  Please
contact us for more information.

Do you accept long term stays?

Alhambra RV Park is designed as a natural campground with the setting and facilities attempting to mimic the feel of being far back in the wilderness while still being able to plug in, surf the net, with easy access to roads.  We try very hard to maintain this look and feel and find often the wants and needs of long term campers conflict with this plan.  We are open to discussing long term stays, but will only consider well maintained rigs, clean campsites, and customers willing and able to make at least a one month deposit prior to move in.  If this does not fit with your situation we are happy to refer you to other facilities in the area more suited to a trailer park style of camping.

What is your best site?

All of them of course!  Each site has its own appeal and is suited to individual tastes based on your needs.  Some have full hook-ups and 50 amp service, some with 30 amp right along the stream with extreme privacy.  Some sites offer water and electric at an affordable rate. 
Costs vary with the time of the week and the type of site you choose.  Please see our map  for more details.

Do you offer any discounts?

There are occasional discounts and coupons offered through some of our partners.  If you plan to use one for your stay please let us know in advance if possible.  We offer discounted sites for members of
RoverPass when booking with their reservation system.

I've heard there's gold in that there stream.  I am going to pan it and get rich!

It's true.  Just looking into the clear waters you'll often see gold flakes among the rocks and sand in the stream.  The Prickly Pear stream rushes down from snow melting among the granite mountains surrounding the park.  The twists and turns of the creek offer the perfect place for deposits to collect.  Although the vast majority of it is mica, there is definitely some gold in the area.  Helena and the surrounding hills produced millions in gold and other minerals during the gold rush period.

However, please do not start mining the area without explicit permission from management.  Anyone found doing so will be asked to leave without a refund immediately.  Permission will be granted to those that convince us of their intent to preserve the stream bed, replace any rocks, and in general not make a mess.  You will be allowed to keep any flakes you are able to find.  Nuggets or anything more substantial, well we'll talk.  Please be aware the thief of placer gold is a federal crime.

Is there anywhere to take an ATV, UTV or off road vehicle for a challenging drive?

Depending on your experience level, we can guide you on a leisurely ride through the woods or a knuckle busting crawl over rocks and streams to remote back country lakes.  Our staff are very familar with the area and when available would be happy to guide you on a ride to suite your taste for no charge, although a gratuity for your guide is expected.  
When driving these vehicles through the park please observe the 5mph speed limit and keep the noise level low in consideration of your fellow campers.

Is hunting and fishing allowed?

The Elkhorn mountains surrounding Alhambra RV Park offer legendary prize hunting for deer and elk.  If you are lucky enough to have a tag for a trophy elk, we offer a convenient location for your stay.  Fishing and hunting are only allowed with proper licensing.  You can learn where to obtain one here.

Why do your rates vary based on the day of the week and how come it costs so much?

Our season is relatively short due to weather.  We are open for camping about 6 months out of the year.  All our costs and expenses have to recouped in that short period for the entire year.  We do our best to keep the rate as affordable as possible.  Because we are a small park and due to our location, the vast majority of our customers tend to arrive for a weekend stay.  In an effort to keep the park accessible to all, our standard sites are available at a low daily rate.  Please see 
our map  for more information.

Are campfires allowed?  Can I cut wood from the trees in the park?

Generally campfires are allowed within the provided fire rings.  Lodge pole fire wood bundles (double the size of a normal bundle) are availalbe for $7.50.  Let us know at check- in what you'll need.  You are welcome to burn any branches that have fallen, but please do not cut or remove any wood from the trees in the park.  Any wood brought into the park needs to cut to proper size and cannot be left at your campsite when you check out.  Current campfire restrictions can be found here.


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